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Car Leasing Concierge in The New York Times!

Paul Maloney owner of Car Leasing Concierge NY.

Jeffry Melnick didn’t want the hassle and anxiety of shopping for a car when he set out to buy one last year.

“When they say to me, ‘Do you want to look under the hood?’ No,” Mr. Melnick said. “No, I don’t.”

So he hired someone to do his haggling for him.

Mr. Melnick, a semiretired theatrical agent who lives in Palm Springs, Calif., called Authority Auto, a car-buying service based in Tarzana, and told it what he wanted — and what he wanted to pay..


  • But finding a negotiator can be tricky. There is no standard name for these services — some call themselves a buying service, others a negotiating service, some a broker, still others a concierge. Each seems to operate in its own way.

  • Paul Maloney is a New York-based former fleet director with an Australian accent and a snappy line of patter. He calls his business the Car Leasing Concierge, although he handles new-car sales as well. He sends clients to a dealership with a free worksheet, then, for a fee, he will assess the deal to see if he can beat it. This is a tiered service that tops out with his assessing your deal and handling your purchase for $297.


Oren Weintraub, a former car salesman, owns Authority Auto. The services say they can protect consumers and save them time and money. 

Mr. Weintraub, a former car salesman, said he worked with buyers from start to finish. He will help them choose a car and negotiate the sales price, finance rate, and aftermarket products like service contracts and wheel and paint protection. He works nationwide and charges $600 to $1,500, depending on the cost of the car. For an additional $300 he will also sell the client’s old car.

Greg Macke, who calls himself “Your Car Angel,” helps clients pick a car, arranges a test drive, negotiates the purchase and accompanies the buyer to a dealership. He even inspects used cars. But he accepts only clients who live near Los Angeles for his $750 service.

You might think dealerships tremble at their approach, but the negotiators — who said they helped with between 125 and 1,000 purchases a year — say that is not the case.

“We buy so much merchandise from them that we are an asset to them,” said Greg Pence, manager of car-buying services for AAA Carolinas, whose in-house service buys about 1,200 cars a year. He said dealerships liked that the professional negotiators closed deals quickly, “usually within a good 30 minutes or so.”

The negotiators compete with services like TrueCar, which don’t charge the consumer but do charge the dealers — who may pass the cost on to the consumer.

Michael S. Freeman II, the executive manager of Sunset Chevrolet Buick GMC in Sarasota, Fla., said the average profit on a car was 2 percent. On a $30,000 car that would be $600. TrueCar, he said, charges a fee of $300 for each new car sold on a referral.

“When we get someone from TrueCar, we have to cut a check,” Mr. Freeman said. “That is factored into the price.”s

TrueCar is the technology behind 500 buying services, like those of publications like Car & Driver and U.S. News and World Report, and companies like USAA and Sam’s Club. The dealers get their referrals from TrueCar, which displays prices from its member dealerships and allows prospective buyers to compare the out-the-door cost for the vehicle they want. That eliminates haggling — for better or worse.

The details of how a dealer reaches the price that TrueCar displays are complex, said Veronica Cardenas, a spokeswoman for TrueCar, but “it’s not a race to the bottom.” She added, “The idea is you are getting a competitive price.”

There are competitors that charge dealerships a modest monthly fee, such as Costco and CarGurus, which dealers said gave them more room to discount. (Sometimes, getting the very best deal comes from buying at just the right time. Dealers receive bonuses based on sale quotas, meaning they might give bigger discounts if they’re trying to hit a benchmark. to learn more.

2018/19 New Fleet Cars|Fleet Vans|Fleet Trucks For All Your Business Needs!

2019 Fleet Vehicles from Car Leasing Concierge

2019 New Fleet Vehicles for your Business. Cars, Trucks, and Vans!🤗

Getting started with us is easy, Car Leasing Concierge can supplement your company with any vehicle.

We’ll start by analyzing your current situation to assess all possible cost-saving opportunities that make handling your unique requests, options and needs hassle-free; from selection through delivery.


Once we've identified those opportunities, we'll present them to you along with our plan to take care of your vehicles.

Vehicle selection is an important part of building your fleet. Whether you’re looking for fuel economy, targeted resale value, style or specific budget.
We do the shopping, securing all applicable incentives, rebates, and pricing on your behalf, and deliver the vehicle turnkey to your office.


In just three easy steps, your new vehicle fleet management program will be up and running, freeing your time while saving your business or organization money.
It's that easy!

List of clients we work with:

Sales Representatives

Real Estate

Dry Cleaners


Transportation/Shuttle Services

Non-profit Organizations

Healthcare Providers


Food & Beverage Companies

Environmental Companies

Insurance Companies

Repair Companies


Marketing Companies



Police or Security Vehicles


Engineering Firms

All New 2019 Rav-4 Redesign 1st Look!

2019 Rav4 Car Leasing Concierge

Has the RAV4 finally become not boring? Certainly appears so.

For years, it was the Camry sedan that brought customers in droves to Toyota dealerships. However, times change and today the crossover rules while the sedan has been pushed aside. When it came time for Toyota to completely redesign its long-running and hot-selling RAV4 crossover, it knew it had to get everything right. The competition is tougher than ever, but Toyota also wanted to expand the RAV4’s appeal. In short, it had to become more manly as part of an effort to lure more male buyers. Has the all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4 accomplished this?



Let’s find out. The fifth-generation RAV4 could not look more different than the model it replaces, which lacked emotion. It was the refrigerator of crossovers if you will, and yet it was still the best-selling passenger vehicle in the US last year if you don’t count pickup trucks. But just look at the redesigned RAV4; it actually looks far more SUV-ish. The all-new sheet metal is quite a dramatic departure from before, with styling directly inspired by last year’s FT-AC Concept. We’d describe the new look as rugged. Note the more aggressive grille, fog light surrounds and wheel designs. The wheel arches have been angled off and are further augmented with black trim.

Car Leasing Concierge 2019 Rav-4

Car Leasing Concierge 2019 Rav-4

From the side, notice the creases beginning on the front doors and continuing through the rear doors to the C-pillar. The rear end continues this chiseled theme which, overall, works very well. At first glance, one could easily mistake the new RAV4 for a Jeep, save for the brand emblem. The 2019 RAV4 comes in three distinct trim levels: Adventure, Limited and XSE Hybrid. Interesting fact: the hybrid is the sportiest of the three when it comes to driving experience. More on that shortly. Riding on Toyota’s highly regarded TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform, which also underpins the latest Camry, the RAV4 previously rode on a compact car platform.


The change gives the RAV4 an additional 1.2 inches of wheelbase, slightly higher ground clearance, and a wider track. The wheels have also been shoved to the corners, enabling overall length to actually drop by 2.6 inches. That’s not a bad thing because the 2019 RAV4 now has a firmer, more powerful stance. Remember, more male buyers wanted. Helping to give it extra presence are available 19-inch wheels on higher level trims. Under the hood, the RAV4 comes standard with an all-new Dynamic Force 2.5-liter inline-four with direct and port injection and VVT-iE. This engine is also standard in the Camry, where it develops 203 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque.

Car Leasing Concierge redesign 2019 Toyota Rav4

Car Leasing Concierge redesign 2019 Toyota Rav4

Toyota has not released output figures just yet, but expect similar numbers. The old six-speed automatic transmission has been replaced by a new eight-speed gearbox. There are no turbo fours or V6s offered, but Toyota is adamant the new inline-four has class-leading output. For those who want not only improved fuel economy but also a sportier driving experience, there’s the XSE Hybrid. It starts with the same inline-four engine, but it’s connected to a hybrid system, called Toyota Hybrid System II. Official EPA figures have yet to be released. Once again, Toyota is confident the XSE Hybrid will have class-leading efficiency. One rumor claims it will achieve a 600-mile range.

The new RAV4 is also the first TNGA vehicle to receive optional (standard on Adventure and Limited trims) all-wheel drive. It’s actually a pretty trick system called Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD with Driveshaft Disconnect. It sends up to 50 percent of engine torque to the rear wheels when needed, and can properly distribute that power to the left or right rear wheel for even better handling. The rear driveline disconnect feature allows for the AWD to be disabled when it’s not needed, with power instead of going to the front wheels only, thus improving fuel efficiency. There are two other AWD systems available on lower trim levels: AWD-ion the hybrid, and the non-dynamic torque vectoring system for the straight up gasoline-engined RAV4s.

2019 RAV4

2019 RAV4

As previously mentioned, XSE Hybrid promises to offer the sportiest driving experience of the three. Yes, really. Toyota went above and beyond here, equipping the XSE Hybrid with a sport-tuned suspension with tauter shock absorbers and springs. Toyota also wisely moved the battery to under the rear seat, which removed the cargo area “hump”, thus creating a flat floor and class-leading cargo capacity. Some very much welcomed styling highlights the XSE Hybrid’s sportier nature, such as standard two-tone exterior paint with black accents on the lower rocker panels, mirror caps, fog lamps, front end, and wheel arches. Those interested in off-roading, the RAV4 Adventure is for you.

It comes standard with high-rise roof rails, large over-fenders and those 19-inch wheels for a more outdoorsy look inspired by the Tacoma pickup. It also has a Multi-Terrain Select system that gives drivers the ability to maximize traction when driving through snow, mud, sand or rocks. A simple dial located in the center console controls those settings. Anyone seeking a more luxurious and refined experience will seek the RAV4 Limited. It also features those 19-inch wheels, but also comes with chrome accents, leather upholstery with contrasting stitching, 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with 2-way lumbar, a 7-inch multi-information display, and optional ventilated front seats and a panoramic roof.

2019 RAV4

2019 RAV4

All RAV4s are equipped with Toyota’s Entune 3.0 multimedia system located in a 7-inch touchscreen on top of the center stack. An 8-inch screen is optional. Both Apply CarPlay (no Android Auto?) and WiFi are also standard fares. There are a total of 11 speakers connected to the JBL sound system. The new interior is without question a step above the previous model. Everywhere you look you get the immediate sense of high-quality materials and splendid fit and finish throughout. Ergonomics have been improved, and headroom increases for second-row occupants. The third-row option has been eliminated. Toyota claims increased towing capacity as well, though no figure has been given. The outgoing RAV4 was capable of 3,500 pounds.

Standard safety includes eight airbags, pre-collision warning with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist, and the new lane tracing assist. Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 adds automatic emergency braking with nighttime pedestrian and daytime cyclist detection, along with lane keep assisting with Lane Tracing Assist. The manual parking is replaced by an electronic parking brake with full-speed dynamic stopping. Toyota has not announced 2019 RAV4 pricing, but don’t expect a big increase over the outgoing model, so figure a base price around $25,500. Gasoline-powered RAV4s will go on sale at the end of this year while the hybrid will hit the market in early 2019.

2019 RAV4 Redesign

2019 RAV4 Redesign

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  • Car Leasing Concierge can supplement your business with any vehicle. Our approach to vehicle leasing makes handling your unique requests, options and needs hassle free; from selection through delivery.
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  • Vehicle selection is an important part of building your fleet. Whether you’re looking for fuel economy, targeted resale value, style or specific budget.
  • Getting started with us is easy. We’ll start by analyzing your current situation to assess all possible cost-saving opportunities.
  • Once we've identified those opportunities, we'll present them to you along with our plan to take care of your vehicles. 
  • In just three easy steps, your new vehicle fleet management program will be up and running, freeing your time while saving your business or organization money.

At Car Leasing Concierge we're not here to sell you a vehicle, we're simply here to help you buy or lease one!

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The safest way to secure the best car deals!

The safest way to secure the best car deals! Visit to learn more.

The Best New Car Lease Deals!

car survey ad 11.04.16.jpg

Drive the Best new car Lease Deals in NY, NJ, CT, and PA from Car Leasing Concierge the Auto Leasing and Financing Specialists for all makes and models. Bypass the car dealer and save!

Buy or Lease a New Car Online With Honesty and Transparency

Paul Maloney

Owner/President - Car Leasing Concierge


After moving to the U.S. in my mid-20s and working extensively in hospitality, I was introduced to the auto industry. I quickly advanced, learning from top professionals, becoming a Fleet Director for Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Volvo and Saab. Working in fleet, I easily transferred those same hospitality skills - making my customers' needs my first priority, and committing to always be readily available to them throughout the purchasing process. My clientele was a wide range of individuals, which included Fortune 500 companies and their executives, celebrities, professional athletes and musicians.

Today, after over 20 years' of fleet management experience, and working for some of the most prestigious automotive brands, I knew the time was right to create an entirely new business niche. After learning over 70% of U.S. consumers surveyed noted they'd prefer to buy their next vehicle online from the comfort of their own home rather than go to a car dealership, I formed Car Leasing Concierge.

Lease or buy a new car from the comfort of your own home, rather than a dealership!

Lease or buy a new car from the comfort of your own home, rather than a dealership!

We not only bridge the gap between automotive and hospitality with our superior client service, but also provide the honesty and transparency car buyers are looking for.

Through our consultancy, our clients pay only wholesale pricing -- better known as fleet pricing -- for any vehicle they are looking to lease or buy, all while avoiding the inconvenience of having to go to a car dealer and pay for all the over-inflated, game-playing prices and extra fees. As a courtesy, we also bring both the paperwork AND the vehicle directly to our clients' home or office.

As the Owner and President of Car Leasing Concierge, I help my clients create their own reality through a user-friendly Car Price Check system, which stands alone in the market for savvy buyers seeking a simple, low-cost, time-saving way to purchase or lease a new vehicle.

Our simplified  Car Price Check  gives buyers peace of mind!

Our simplified Car Price Check gives buyers peace of mind!

Looking forward to assisting you or your business when you're in the market for your next new vehicle!


Paul Maloney


Car Leasing Concierge



The 2017 Bugatti Chiron


The best manufacturers incorporate the history of their brand into their new releases.

The 2017 Bugatti Chiron is a perfect example of paying homage to that which came before - in this case, the Bugatti Type 32, a racer almost a century ahead of its time built in 1923.

In each case, they are the ultimate in limited editions - only 500 2017 Chirons have been made, and only FOUR Type 32s were ever built.

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Drive the best Mercedes lease deals in NY, NJ, and CT

Mercedesad 9.28.16.jpg

Always lower than any car dealer prices! Car Leasing Concierge is a better way to buy or lease any new car, truck, minivan or SUV.

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No Debate Necessary!

Red and Blue BMW M3 and M5

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Are Women More Driven Than Men?

Women are gaining more and more power, not only in political and business leadership, but also in an important segment traditionally linked to men: the car.

For the first time in the history of the car industry, a Frost & Sullivan report finds that the number of women with driving licenses (DL) in the U.S. over took that of men, not just in one of the young age groups, but (as shown on the chart below) consistently across all age groups greater than 25. The trend accelerates for over 55s and shows a wide difference for women over 70. The trend is applicable consistently across all developed world countries, although the balance has tipped only in the U.S., but Canada is close to having more women with DLs with the ratio of licenses granted to women sitting at 49.95 percent and has already tipped in over 55s. The U.K. is expected to follow suit within three to four years as current data shows that new driving license applications for men in the country are declining and those for women have grown by 2.5 percent in last three years. Even male dominated car markets like Germany, where 40 percent of drivers licenses are granted to women, has shown one of the highest growth rates for women with DLs in the last three.


Although it is hard to make predictions on trends related to car ownership, it is clear that 80 percent of car buying decision is now influenced by women.  While buying a new car, women are practical and tend to connect the purchase to the ideas of freedom and independence. They prefer small and maneuverable cars, but further give importance to design, spaciousness, safety, quality of materials, vehicle color and sustainability of the car. They like options like park assist, clear lighting for petrol and easy access, integrated systems for mobile devices, entertainment (especially moms) and everything that can make car-time easier and more intuitive. For this reason, in few years women will look towards cars with advanced features like autonomous – driving, digital assistants and other health wellness and well-being features, celebrity endorsements, in comparison to men who will focus more on researching the vehicle’s technical specifications.

Women  also have a tendency to base their purchasing decision on the status of the car itself or associated values like color and comfort and, when it comes to volume brands, are less likely to associate themselves with a brand, model or car variant (hatchback or saloon, for example). This is the opposite when it comes to luxury brands, where women show high interest in the brand and endorsements of the brand by celebrities. Case in example is the new Land Rover Evoque, which was endorsed by Victoria Beckham, the famous Spice Girls singer, and has been the first Land Rover model that has more women customers (60 percent) to men. Other example of cars women have bought in greater quantities to men include – Nissan Kia (3 door with 65 percent female buyers), Mercedes SLK (reportedly 60 percent female buyers) and Fiat 500, for which women account for 70 percent of sales, given its almost infinite customization possibilities and some models conceived specifically for women (500 by Gucci, 500 Pink). Yet women do not only like small city cars, as there are trends seeing to purchase expansion in segments traditionally dominated by men: SUVs and luxury cars.

So guys, next time you get overtaken by a woman in the fast driving lane, don’t feel like you’re being challenged, rather get used to it.

To learn more on A Better Way to Lease or Buy a New Car in NY, NJ or CT, visit Car Leasing Concierge's website at - - or call us at 1-800-886-1950.



Top 10 Best Cars To Drive Back-To-School

The top 10 best cars to drive back-to-school in style under $25,000. Weather you're looking to lease or buy a new compact car to take back to school this fall, Car Leasing Concierge has got you covered with a list of goodies to choose from. 



The Volkswagen Golf returns for 2016 largely unchanged—and that's a good thing. This year marks the seventh-generation Golf's second year in the U.S., and it's safe to say the newest Golf impressed in the first. If you're looking for a zippy 2- or 4-door hatchback with plenty of versatility and a proud pedigree, the Golf could be your ride. Sitting on the same platform as the Audi A3, the Golf has made a name for itself as a reasonably priced, fun-to-drive car that's still plenty practical.



Still an unmatched mix of affordability, efficiency, versatility, reliability and fun, Honda’s subcompact car tops the annual list of 10 Best Back to School Cars once again. Positively cavernous inside, the Fit’s flipping/folding second-row Magic Seat makes it the most flexible car in its class. Standout styling and a lively demeanor add student-friendly sizzle, while strong resale value, a reputation for trouble-free ownership and a NHTSA 5-star Overall Safety Rating all speak to the hearts, minds and wallets of parents.



The Overall Best Buy for 2016 and tops on this year’s list of the favorite new cars, the boldly styled new Civic is among the roomiest, most comfortable, most fun to drive, most efficient, most feature-packed cars in the class. It’s also among the likeliest to make it through grad school, thanks to all the refinement, reliability and reputation that ride along with the Civic name and Honda badge.




Honda’s newest, smallest SUV is the early leader in the burgeoning subcompact SUV segment. Mixing the roomiest, most flexible cabin in the group with all the goodness that accompanies the Honda badge, the HR-V is arguably the smartest choice in this increasingly popular segment. It’s also more stylish than its CR-V big brother, helping it win favor with the student set.



Quite possibly the most stylish and most fun-to-drive car in the segment, the latest Mazda3 is also a smart, well-rounded compact car. This year it again topped the list of 10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000, marking its 13th appearance in a row.



The Versa Note hatchback (not to be confused with the lesser Versa sedan) is among the subcompact segment’s roomiest, most flexible entries. It also offers Nissan’s Around View Monitor, which provides a 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the car in parking situations and can be especially helpful for newer drivers. Other Versa Note tech options include hands-free texting, plus Bluetooth connectivity and one-touch Pandora internet radio capability.



Subaru’s compact car remains the least expensive car you can buy with all-wheel drive. Combined with a storied reputation for reliability and newly updated technologies, the Subaru Impreza is the car to beat when it comes to new cars for young drivers in snowy locales. But strong resale value helps make it a smart buy even in drier parts of the country.


An all-new entry for 2016, parents will be happy to hear that Mazda’s new subcompact SUV is one of the 10 most affordable and 10 most fuel-efficient SUVs on the market. Their kids will be more impressed that the CX-3 also made the list of 10 Favorite New Cars of 2016 and 10 Coolest Cars Under $25,000.



The boldly styled, fun-to-drive Fiesta subcompact car gets even better for 2016 with the addition of Ford’s new and improved Sync 3 infotainment system. Pull down a 4.0 GPA or better and maybe you can talk your parents into the overachieving, high-performance Fiesta ST model, which landed a spot on this year’s list of 10 Coolest Cars Under $25,000.



The second most affordable car of 2016 according to our 5-Year Cost to Own data, Chevy’s 4-door minicar has been redesigned for 2016 and now offers more refinement to go with the low price and user-friendly infotainment system. It’s also surprisingly accommodating for four people, or two people and their gear.


Drive the best car lease deals in NY, NJ and CT from Car Leasing Concierge. We deal directly with the manufacturer so we can offer the best car lease deals and financing on all makes and models 1-800-886-1950. Get the deal you want, your way today!

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