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12 Best SUV Deals October 2019

12 Best SUV Deals October 2019

12 Best SUV Deals October 2019

Regardless of how you feel about the change of the seasons, there’s no doubt that it’s a good time to buy a new vehicle. Crossovers and SUVs are the hottest segments on the market. Here are 12 of the best manufacturer-backed SUV purchase deals available through the end of October. With a range of brands, sizes, and trim levels on offer, you’ll likely find a deal that suits your needs.

Never Get Taken For A Ride By Car Dealers Again


How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It’s So Simple It’s Ridiculous


“Never Get Taken For A Ride By Car Dealers Again”

If you're taking the time out to buy or lease a new vehicle, then I suggest you read this first. 😲

G'day! My name is Paul Maloney, THE Car Buyer’s Advocate. I’m a professional car buying expert who’s been in the auto industry for over 25 years.

The reason I created Car Leasing Concierge was for one simple reason - I know just how hard it is for people to go through the process of buying a new car. It's not that hard to find a good price. The problem is a good price is not always a great deal.

Car dealers have many avenues they can steer you into to make up the💲💲💲 difference

For example:

💰Interest rates
💰Lease rates
💰Trade-in values
💰Bank fees
💰Documentation Fees
💰Processing fees

These amounts can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So if you don't know how to effectively navigate around these potholes and dead-end streets, your “great price” can quickly turn into an expensive lesson. 😲

In my career, I've negotiated over 10,000 plus deals, and what I've experienced is most buyers need help getting through this process so they won’t get taken for a ride.

This is why I’ve created a quick and easy foolproof system. It’s available in both hard copy and an ebook/App called...

“How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It’s So Simple It’s Ridiculous.”

It became an Amazon #1 bestseller in 7 different car buying categories.

The reason I say it’s so simple is because I literally give you all the tools of the trade laid out with step-by-step, word-for-word “what-to-say” cheat sheets and scripts, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks. ✅


It not only saves you endless hours at a car dealership, it also empowers you to take control right from the test drive to parking the salesperson at their desk and getting all the necessary information you'll need to accelerate the process.

The best part is you can use it right on the privacy of your mobile phone.

As the old saying goes,
“It’s better to be penny wise, than dollar foolish.”

Your Car Price Check Report comes with a complete and transparent breakdown you can easily understand, which eliminates any skepticism you may have previously had. 🧐

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This way you can rest easy knowing you’ve secured the best deal possible for your hard-earned dollars before you sign.😊

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  • Our Car Price Check Reports are penny accurate at exposing and eliminating any hidden fees, inflated rates and add-on’s car dealers and Tele-car-marketer try not to disclose.

  • Our service is just like going to your accountant and getting your taxes done - you spend a little to save a lot.

  • Use your “cents”! Check with us before you sign, because small change can save you big bucks!


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"How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It's So Simple It's Ridiculous" 

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Thanksgiving sales event save up to 70% off

Thanksgiving sales event save up to 70% off