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The Car Buyer's Advocate Podcast, "Never Get Taken For A Ride Again!"

"The Car Buyer's Advocate Podcast"


"Never Get Taken For A Ride Again!"

Get your real car buying and leasing questions answered that nobody else is willing to give you, as well as trade-in tips, tricks and hacks you can also use. These are just some of the topic’s we’ll be covering every week along with real live customer stories and misfortunes of going to car dealerships and how to avoid it happening to you.

Join me Paul Maloney a 25-year professional car buying expert that's now "The Car Buyer's Advocate!" and Author of Amazon's #1 Bestselling car buyer's guidebook.

"How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time, It's So Simple It's Ridiculous!"

Get real advice before you sign. Stay Tuned of dates