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The Car Buyers Advocate, Car Leasing Concierge!

Paul Maloney, Car Leasing Concierge. The Car Buyers Advocate!

If you feel skeptical about buying a new vehicle, relax! My business Car Leasing Concierge is the car buyers advocate that will empower you to take control from your test drive to parking the car salesperson at their desk in order to get all the necessary information you'll need to accelerate the buying or leasing process.

This way you'll never get taken for a ride again by car dealerships! I'm an automotive expert and former fleet sales director with over 20 years’ experience, and am now an international best-selling author with my newly released book,

“How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It's So Simple, It's Ridiculous!”

I’m including this book now as a bonus limited time offer with your 30 min consultation.

Over the years I've helped countless businesses and individuals buy or lease their vehicles while saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars more than dealership pricing.

I like to think of myself as the car buyers advocate because in life I believe it's just as important to give back as it is to receive.Looking forward to steering you in the right direction with your next vehicle purchase!

Paul Maloney

Package includes:

30 min expert advice about the vehicle you're looking to buy or lease.

A copy of the #1 bestselling car buyers guide on Amazon.

“How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It's So Simple, It's Ridiculous!”

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