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Your best price is not always your best deal!

Today it’s not that hard to get a good price on a new car. The problem is, a good price is not always your best deal. Car dealers have many avenues they can easily steer you down to make up the difference.

For example:

  • Inflated finance rates

  • Inflated lease rates

  • Documentation fees

  • Processing fees

  • Bank Fees

  • Undervalued trade-in appraisals

  • Let an unbiased expert give you the right advice for an honest fee, because transparency is always the key.

  • My Car Price Check Report clients on average save hundreds to thousands of dollars more than the best legitimate quote they thought they already had.

  • Includes a Free 10 minute consultation.

Includes Free car buyers foolproof App!


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  • Your Report comes with our foolproof Car Price Check App. It has user-friendly foolproof cheat sheets and what to say scripts for every kind of cash, lease, finance and trade-in deals.

  • It’s like having your very own personal negotiator in the palm of your hand ready for any salesperson that tries to take you for a ride down Sucker Street.

Remember, It’s better to be pennywise than dollar foolish

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