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New Car Buyer's Podcast! “Never Get Taken For A Ride Again!"

The Car Buyer’s Advocate


Never Get Taken For A Ride Again!”

All New Car Buyer’s Podcast!

Professional Car Buying Expert and #1 Bestselling Author Paul Maloney

will show new car buyers how not to get taken for a ride by car dealerships when in the market to buy or lease their next new vehicle.

Each week new car buyers will be able to share the encounters they’ve had and learn how to avoid the potholes and dead-end streets salespeople will try to steer you down. You’ll get hands-on professional advice that will empower you to take control from the test drive to parking the salesperson at his desk and getting all the necessary information you'll need to accelerate the process.

The Car Buyer’s Advocate podcast Never Get Taken For A Ride Again” show time and days will be posted on Car Leasing Concierge Facebook page. click link below.