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Paul Maloney THE Car Buyer’s Advocate!

If you’re in the market to buy or lease any new vehicle, then you need to watch Car Leasing Concierge’s brand new podcast “How To Beat The Car Dealer Every time” with professional car buying expert - and THE Car Buyer’s Advocate - Paul Maloney.

Every Thursday live @8PM (EST) on our Facebook company page, Maloney shows car buyers how to prevent getting taken for a ride every time they go to buy or lease a new vehicle.
We’ll expose all the dirty tricks of the trade that car dealers use to siphon the money out of your wallet.


Maloney believes in real-time one-on-one interaction by not only having customers live on the show sharing the experiences most car buyers run into, but he also will show you how to avoid it happening to you with a simple foolproof method that guarantees results.

On “How To Beat The Car Dealer Every time,” Maloney interviews car sales and finances mangers and gets them to openly admit what really goes on inside the showroom and the much dreaded finance manager’s office. 


How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time podcast show with THE Car Buyer’s Advocate host Paul Maloney.


This new podcast is not only an eye-opener, but a real game changer that empowers buyers with all the tools of the trade they’ll need to secure the best deal possible for their hard-earned money.

If you’d like to be on the show and share your experiences, please send an email to

Tune in Thursdays at the address below In case you miss an episode, you can also watch on iTunes!