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THE Car Buyer’s Advocate

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Paul Maloney is THE Car Buyer’s Advocate owner of Car Leasing Concierge and host of the iTunes podcast “How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time”

As a professional car buying expert with over 20 years’ experience in the auto industry, he has sold over 10,000 vehicles ranging from Hyundai to Ferrari to just about every type of business and customer imaginable.

Car Buyers only pay wholesale pricing -- better known as fleet pricing -- for any car, truck, SUV, minivan or work van they're looking to buy or lease, while avoiding the inconvenience of going to a car dealer and paying for all their over-inflated, game-playing prices and extra fees.

To help simplify the process for car buyers, he has created a user-friendly book, e-book and App called

“How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It’s So Simple It’s Ridiculous.”

This simple process stops car dealers dead in their tracks from taking innocent car buyers for a dead end ride down Sucker Street.

The success of his system has led Paul to be featured in car buying articles such as The New York Times, Forbes, Money Market/Watch, Fox Business News and Huffington Post, to name just a few.

Paul is also a regular guest adviser on several car podcasts and radio shows.

Beginning in 2019 Paul started his own car buying podcast called How to beat The Car Dealer Every Time. It’s available now on iTunes at the link below.