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Paul Maloney

Owner/Car Leasing Concierge

International Best Selling Author


  • I was introduced to the auto industry 1993. I quickly advanced, learning from top professionals, becoming a Fleet Director for Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Volvo, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Ford.

  • Working in fleet, my customers' needs are my first priority, and committing to always be readily available for them throughout the purchasing process. My clientele has a wide range of individuals, which included Fortune 500 companies and their executives, celebrities, professional athletes and musicians.

  • Today, with over 20 years and 10,000 plus sold vehicle in fleet management and working for some of the most prestigious automotive brands, I knew the time was right to create an entirely new business niche. After learning over 70% of U.S. consumers surveyed said they'd prefer to buy their next vehicle online from the comfort of their own home rather than go to a car dealership, I formed Car Leasing Concierge.

  • As the Owner and President I help clients create their own reality through a user-friendly Car Price Check system, which stands alone in the market for savvy buyers seeking a simple, low-cost, time-saving way to purchase or lease a new vehicle.

  • I not only bridge the gap between automotive and hospitality with a superior client service, but also provide the honesty and transparency car buyers are looking for.

  • Through my consultancy clients pay only wholesale pricing -- better known as fleet pricing -- for any vehicle they're looking to lease or buy, while avoiding the inconvenience of having to go to a car dealer and pay for all the over-inflated, game-playing prices and extra fees. Most buyers even up saving hundreds -to- thousands of more than the best price they were quoted.


Most Recently I wrote an AMAZON #1 Bestselling Car Buyers Guide Book (shown below)

"How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It's So Simple It's Ridiculous!"

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  • My no-wait concierge service ensures delivery of your new vehicle to your home or office, accompanied by simplified paperwork ready for you to sign. We'll then finish up with a new car orientation -- all within 24 hours.

I look forward to assisting you or your business when in the market for your next new vehicle.


Paul Maloney


Car Leasing Concierge