Military Discounts!




  • This Mission gives you all the ammunition you’ll need to take aim right from the test drive to parking the salesperson at his desk and gather the necessary intelligence you'll need to complete the task so you'll never get taken for a ride again. 

  • Your instructions come with digital foolproof cheat sheets for all Cash, Lease and Financing deals you can use right on your phone.

Step 1:

Follow Orders.

Get the New Military Stealth Shoppers SOP package below.

Step 2:

Carry out instructions

Step 3:

Complete the Mission

Reap the rewards.

Buyer Beware Fact!

  • Don’t get caught off guard by camouflaged Tele-car-marketers like, USAA - Untrue - Car Guru com cult followers, Edmunds - - Cars Direct etc, and car dealer discounts loaded with sniper salesmen aiming to take your wallet out and everything in it.

  • All these companies get paid a commission of $500 and up to provide your personal information to car dealerships that you end up paying for.

  • Almost 95% of the time it goes undetected costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars in a hidden landmine of fee’s and exploding high interest rates waiting to destroy your credit.

  • Not only will we prove it, we’ll show you how to prevent it from happening to you so you’ll never leave any dollars behind.

    Remember numbers don’t lie,

    But salespeople will