Option 3

Vehicles priced $40,001 and up.

Option 3 Includes Free Price Check and these additional TOP 10 features:

  • 20 years' of professional expert advice
  • Ability to offer you below dealer prices-- better known as fleet or wholesale pricing-- not offered to the public at car dealerships 
  • Expose and eliminate all dealer documentation fees and hidden mark ups.
  • Business car leasing and financing options 
  • Fast, easy paperwork and new car orientation
  • We deliver your new vehicle to your home or office
  • Pick-up of trade-in or lease return
  • Special order your car
  • One-time personal chauffeur for your special occasion
  • Personal 24hr VIP assistance card
  • As a Customer Reassurance Policy, our Option 3 package of $299 is only paid after you vehicle is delivered to you.

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