Hire an expert: 

What to know:

  • Auto concierges learn about a shopper’s vehicle needs and preferences than do the legwork. This is where anyone can go to, including business owners and corporations to buy or lease their vehicles.
  • Their highly organized method far supersedes anything a dealership will offer you. Concierges will have the car delivered to your home or office with plates, insurance and simplified paperwork that takes only minutes to sign.
  •  A Car-buying concierge is a highly specialized service that only a few companies currently offer. 

What we do:

  • These professionals know what they’re doing, most are former automotive fleet directors or inventory managers that have the ability and leverage to bypass car dealerships completely and deal directly with the manufacturer. 

  • They have access to factory to dealer incentives, buy rates and dealer costs on extended warranty contracts etc, that’s normally not offered to the public

  • Concierges can purchase your new car, so you never have to visit a dealership.

  • No dealer fees or marked up rates.

  • No waiting, same day delivery or within 24 hrs

  • Transparent and professional service. No games.


  • Our Car Price Check is complimentary. If you choose to go ahead after a we can guarantee you 100%, a better price on the vehicle you want to buy or lease, our flat fee is only $99.00. Either way, the price will always be cheaper than going to a car dealership.

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  • Car Leasing Concierge's Fleet Network System works directly with car manufacturers. This allows us the ability to offer wholesale -- better known as fleet pricing -- along with factory-to-dealer incentives normally not offered to the public at car dealerships.
  • Many businesses and corporations we cater to, also use our services to buy or lease their own personal vehicles.  This allows them to bypass car dealerships entirely, saving them valuable time, money and unnecessary stress
  • If you have a new vehicle in mind, we'll be more than happy to check your deal for a better one, at no cost.
  • In most cases after a quick analysis is complete, clients end up saving hundreds to thousands of dollars more they weren't even aware of.
  • Check today. This way you'll rest easy knowing you've secured the best deal possible for your hard-earned dollars.
  • Our no-wait concierge service ensures delivery of your new vehicle to your home or office, accompanied by simplified paperwork ready for you to sign. We'll then finish up with a new car orientation -- all within 24 hours.
  • We'll also provide a courtesy pick-up of your trade-in or lease return. 

At Car Leasing Concierge we're not here to sell you a car, we're here to help you buy or lease one!


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Simply tell us about the vehicle you're interested in buying or leasing. EXAMPLE: "My best lease price quoted on a 2017 Toyota Camry XLE was $295 a month, 36 mths, 10k miles a year with $1000 down payment plus fees." Buy Example: "My best price quoted on a 2017 Toyota Camry XLE was $21,896 plus tax." If you have a trade-in, please enter the details also.

Our concierge service guarantees we will beat any legitimate car dealership pricing, including the cost of the our $99.00 service  otherwise there is no charge to you!