Online Car Buying Sites and Apps

Friend or Foe?
  • Today it’s great to be able to have all these new Apps and websites available to check out the new car you’re looking to buy or lease. But what most consumers don’t know is that 95% of these websites are linked to work in with the car dealers. They all come across as your free friendly information site that supposedly helps you get the best deal possible when shopping for a new car.
  • Unknowingly the customer is totally unaware of what's about to come their way. Let me break this down so you can understand how this magic show full of illusions works and you if you’re not careful will end up paying for that so-called free service.
  • Once they have your information they send it to every dealership in your area hoping to get a sale. Before you know it you’ll be bombarded with so many emails and phone calls that you’ll think that you have your very own fan club in the worst possible way. In return, 95% of these sites get a commission back from the selling dealer.
  • Car Dealerships sign up and pay these sites to get your information, then on top of that they get paid an additional commission usually around $500 if they finalize the sale. So in actuality, and I really want you to think about this, you’re paying a site to take your information for what you thought was a free service and give it to the car dealerships. How you think these sites stay in business?
  • I know this for a FACT because I use to work for one of the largest dealer franchises in the Greater New York Tri-state area as a Fleet Director. At the beginning of each month these sites would ask us for the new price sheets with their commissions already packed into the price.
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  • How many times a day do you see on the internet especially FaceBook asking you to enter your email, phone and zip code. 
  • Almost all dealerships have an Internet Department that signs up for these referral services. Believe me you’ll end up with so many calls and email you’ll almost have to take on a new identity just to get rid of them. When a deal is complete the car dealer pays the vendor the fee they signed up with to get the information you entered.

Car Sites that get paid by Auto Dealers for your information!

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  • CarMax
  • Edmunds

  • Kelly Blue Book

  • Cars Direct

  • Un-True Car


  • Auto-Trader

  • Cars Direct

  • The list goes on and on.


  • It’s quite funny actually, watching these sites and Apps come up with new ways to try and lure people into believing all you have to do is, order here and take this number to the car dealership. Your thinking oh wow that was easy, or even better they give you a buyer’s price certificate to show when you arrive at the dealership. That certificate you go in waving around is like a red flag to a bull. The only difference is he charges you in a different way.
  Nice to meet you sucker! 

Nice to meet you sucker! 

  • The numbers they give you is about as useful as an expired Mc Donald, voucher at the drive thru window. They can only give you a working number then you're on your own. Some companies now go as far as quoting exact payments.
  • Fact number 2: No one can quote you an exact payment without you filling out a credit application, and submitting it to the bank for an approval just like the dealership. So be careful who you give out your information to with these new online app’s.
  • Car dealerships won’t be going away anytime soon because sooner or later you’ll have to go into the dealership for a test drive. Just keep this in mind, all these new Apps are coming out telling you that you’re approved and your payment is only going to be X amount, is just another way to lure you into a dealership.
  • We receive a lot of emails and calls from clients all the time that are tired of being misled by these websites and car dealers. At Car Leasing Concierge we help break it down for you with total transparency, this way you'll rest easy knowing you're getting the best pricing and service for your hard earned dollar. 

Remember: the last place you don't want to end up on is, the corner of Sucker Street and Buyer's Remorse Blvd! 

At Car Leasing Concierge, we're not here to sell you a car, we're here to help you lease or buy one!