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Military Car Buyer's Discount SOP

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stealth shoppers.png

Military Car Buyer's Discount SOP

19.99 99.00

What’s Included

  • You’ll get a detailed 1 page report showing you the real numbers broken down and how to eliminate any unnecessary fees resulting in hundreds-to-thousands of dollars in savings you’d never normally find.

  • You’ll also receive a Free 10 minute consultation to answer questions you may have. This way you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve secured the best deal possible on the vehicle you’re looking to buy or lease.

  • As the old saying goes, “It’s better to be penny wise than dollar foolish” because “Numbers Don’t Lie, But Salespeople Will.”

  • You’ll also get the ebook App as a Bonus, which includes mobile friendly cheat sheets. It’s like having your very own personal negotiator in the palm of your hand ready for anyone that tries to take you for a ride.


All Cheat Cheat information entered must be current within the month you're shopping.

  • Make sure you submit only 1 Cheat Sheet per order  

  • 1 out of the 3 columns on the Cheat Sheet must be filled in order for us to conduct a complete report.

  • All price reports are valid only for the current programs on the vehicle you choose to purchase.