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Military Discount Package


Military Discount Package

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Military Discount Package save 60% Off!


How To Beat The Car Dealer! e-Book! (Game Plan)

This e-Book levels the playing field once and for all. It will change the way you'll purchase any new vehicle forever. It comes with Digital foolproof cheat sheets and pricing for all Cash, Lease, and Financing deals. Simply tap and goMobile and Desktop ready. Never get taken again!

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It’s just like going to your accountant and getting your taxes done, you spend a little to save a lot including the cost of our service.  Our transparent Penny Accurate Price Reports are 100% guaranteed to stop any car dealership or Tele-car-marketer from trying to take you for a dead end drive down Sucker Street!

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Feel secure knowing our pricing is 100% guaranteed. If we can't beat any legitimate offer including our service, there is No Charge to you. Our no-wait concierge service ensures delivery of your new vehicle to your home or office, accompanied by simplified paperwork that takes only minutes to sign. 

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  • All price reports are valid only for the current programs on the vehicle you choose to purchase.

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