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Check today, so you don't overpay!

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  • If you want to discover what car dealers don't want you to know about the price of the vehicle  you're about to buy or lease, then help us help you by simply entering the necessary information below. We'll expose and eliminate all dealer added fees and hidden mark ups, securing you a better overall experience.
  • As former Fleet Directors, we deal directly with car manufacturers! What that means is we have the leverage to bypass car dealers and all their fees completely, passing along factory-to-dealer incentives, rates and programs normally reserved for business or corporate accounts. Our expert staff will either save you extra $$$, or after our thorough car-buying analysis is completed, will confirm you're a great negotiator and encourage you to accept your other offer. This way you'll rest easy, knowing you've secured the best deal possible for your hard-earned dollars. It's that simple!

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